The world’s largest manufacturing firms use Skybox to optimize their security operations, gain full IT-OT network visibility and confidently drive the delivery of digital transformation projects.

No limit

to the size of your network

Skybox is proven at scale, dynamically modeling the IT and OT networks of the world’s largest, most complex organizations.



Skybox integrates with the leading OT security platforms, and brings together data from physical IT, OT and multi-cloud environments.


manufacturing and technology customers

The world’s largest manufacturers and technology companies rely on Skybox every day to manage risk and secure innovation.

Full visibility of complex, hybrid, global networks

Manufacturing firms are increasingly expanding to multi-national operations and, in turn, increasing the complexity of their network. Skybox gives organizations full visibility of their global network, including physical IT and OT networks, public and private clouds, and third-party connections. With insight to the security status of these environments, organizations gain a holistic understanding of overall risk and how to manage it effectively.

Simplified security management to maintain cyber hygiene

Skybox ensures security controls and network devices continuously adhere to internal policies and regulatory mandates, even as the environment changes. With automated analysis of rule, access and configuration compliance, manufacturers can meet audit requirements and protect their organization. Comprehensive vulnerability discovery and risk-based prioritization also give security leaders the assurance that risks are known, and remediation is targeted.

Strong foundation for security transformation and cyber resilience

Skybox’s phased maturity approach is used by manufacturers to gain visibility of their attack surface, ensure resilience and create a trusted platform on which to evolve processes over time. If an attack occurs, Skybox insights empower you to respond, minimize damage and even continue operations.


Skybox solutions for vulnerability management and policy management help manufacturers manage security and compliance throughout their entire organization.

Network Security Leader - Skybox Customer

Unifying Security Management and Empowering Secure Innovation

“Along with SIEMs, Skybox is the most important tool in our infosecurity arsenal and a cornerstone of our SOC.”

Network Security Leader/Skybox Customer

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