Skybox’s Common Criteria-certified platform is trusted by governments around the world to meet the needs of mass-scale networks, cloud and digital transformation and strict compliance mandates.


government agency customers

Skybox provides ongoing situational awareness and continuous compliance monitoring to government and defense agencies worldwide.


security and operational tech integrations

Skybox gives you big-picture perspective, making sense of data and ensuring maximum return on existing product investments.


SC Award winner for best risk/policy management

Skybox continues to be recognized by industry awards, proving the exceptional caliber of our solutions time and again.

From chaos to clarity with contextual analysis

The strength of Skybox’s robust platform is cutting through complexity. By bringing together millions of data points and analyzing this information from multiple perspectives, we provide clear and actionable insights that improve, automate and orchestrate a variety of security management processes — from a single solution.

Continuous compliance monitoring and same-day audits

With its intelligent, automated compliance processes and intuitive dashboards, Skybox empowers you to navigate past complexities, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. Skybox simplifies audit and compliance processes associated with FISMA, NIST, CDM, CSIP, STIG and other compliance requirements.

Empowered security transformation

As governments modernize, their security needs to be able to keep pace. Skybox empowers security to move to the next level, giving CISOs the insight they need to better allocate resources, maximize the value of existing investments and support secure innovation.


Skybox solutions for vulnerability management and policy management help government agencies manage security and compliance throughout their entire organization.

Program Manager - USAID ISSO Team

Head of Technology - UK County Council

Achieving Fully Automated Security Management and FISMA Compliance

“Skybox immediately helped us find problems we hadn’t considered, and to fix things were would have never found. Skybox was the perfect fit for us.”

Program Manager/USAID ISSO Team

Unifying Risk Management Solutions to Meet Gov and Industry Standards

“Manually, risk assessment would take us days, or even a week. With Skybox, the same assessment takes 5-10 minutes, sometimes instantly.”

Head of Technology/UK County Council

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