Bring clarity and assurance to retail cybersecurity with automated solutions to manage mass-scale networks, cloud and digital transformation, compliance and the speed of business.


major retailers rely on Skybox

Dozens of enterprise-scale retailers rely on Skybox to gain visibility over complex environments and simplify security management.


firewalls to days to audit

A Skybox retail customer went from a never-ending process of PCI firewall audits to auditing eleven firewalls in a single day.


SC Award winner for best risk/policy management

Skybox continues to be recognized by industry awards, proving the exceptional caliber of our solutions time and again.

Seamless visibility across physical IT and multi-cloud environments

Skybox gives you complete visibility over your entire global infrastructure — in physical networks across disparate locations, public and private clouds, third-party connections and more. With this visibility, you can be confident in your ability to secure your perimeter and network segments, ensure policies are properly enforced and risk is strategically managed.

Simplified compliance management and same-day audits

With its intelligent, automated compliance processes and intuitive dashboards, Skybox empowers you to navigate past complexities, allowing your team to focus on supporting wider transformational initiatives. Even assure compliance as your network changes so you can meet business needs without increasing business risk.

Take security to the next level with proactive, mature processes

Skybox empowers organizations to take a process-driven approach, establishing a strong foundation on which to support day-to-day security operations as well as strategic innovation projects like cloud and digital transformation. By building proactive, cyber-resilient security programs, you can avoid reactionary tactics and ensure resources are used purposefully and thoughtfully.


Skybox solutions for vulnerability management and policy management help retailers manage security and compliance strategically and with confidence.

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